county line beach

The beach directly in front of MariSol is a wide sandy beach that holds an excellent surf break, made famous in the song "Surfin' USA" and mentioned as one of the Beach Boys' favorite California beaches.  Surfing's best are drawn on big swell days when the "Bombora" breaks on the outer reef.  Daily, the athletic, the adventurous and those with a passionate zeal for the out-of-doors explore this pristine natural playground - sun worshipers, surfers, paddle boarders, kayakers, scuba divers, and colorful kite-surfers whose high-flying acrobatics hold onlookers captive.  Given MariSol's commanding view, one can witness all this captivating pageantry from the privacy of one's home.  The vibrant undersea realm, whose ocean waters consistently garner A+ rankings from Heal the Bay, is a natural aquarium of colorful, curious and abundant sea life: sea urchins dwell in their pristine state; bass, cod and barracuda dart under the grandeur of giant kelp; porpoise and sea lions frolic, sometimes in the wall of a breaking wave; and the Pacific Grey Whale mesmerizes spectators with numerous sightings from fall and into the winter.  Just minutes from MariSol, one can also explore the numerous pocket beaches and tide pools at the following beaches, Leo Carillo, El Matador, El Pescador, Zuma Beach and Paradise Cove.

leo carillo.JPG

Leo Carillo Beach

el pescador.jpg

El Pescador Beach

el matador.jpg

 El Matador Beach

zuma beach.jpg

Zuma Beach

paradise cove.jpg

Paradise Cove