Malibu Lots for Sale

Oceanfront Malibu lots from $5 to $7M, 2-acre lots from $6.9 to $10.9M and a unique 57-acre Malibu Ranch & Vineyard

"Few areas offer the opportunity to create spacious parcels with breathtakingly unobstructed views of one of the Pacific Ocean's finest surf breaks, as well as limitless vistas of clear blue sky." Malibu Surfside News, Bill Koeneker


  • 1 and 2 acre Malibu lots for sale & a special 57 acre Malibu Ranch estate
  • lots are graded flat and grassed with utilities in
  • 1 acre lots feature 18,000 sq.ft. to 25,000 sq.ft. of flat buildable area
  • 2 acre lots (lots 15, 16 & 17) feature 50,000 sq.ft. to 70,000 sq.ft. of flat buildable area
  • at least 125 feet of ocean frontage
  • Malibu lots elevated 70 - 135 feet above the beach
  • landscaped with Coastal Oaks, Cypress Trees and other California natives
  • 6ft stone walls border and separate each lot
  • each lot is gated
  • lot 4 includes a private bluff top beach
  • 1-acre lots are 100ft from the mean high tide line
  • MariSol is so uniquely situated that no California Coastal Development Permit is required

MariSol presents a limited collection of Malibu lots within its 80 acres: 1-acre oceanfront lots for sale from $5 to $7 million; two+ acre, flat and grand Malibu lots available from $6.9 to $10.9 million; and a special property - a stunning 57-acre Malibu ranch estate dramatically overlooking all of MariSol and ten miles of rugged coastline which is not formally on the luxury real estate market and only shown to qualified buyers.

Each of the oceanfront lots is a work of art, a one-of-a-kind jewel meticulously framed by walls of stone quarried on site, providing extraordinary privacy and natural beauty. These lots are large by Malibu's standards with at least one acre of land and ocean frontage from 130 to 210 feet. Engulfed by mature California natives, each custom home site has been perfectly contoured to afford the most stunning ocean, island and mountain panoramas, to provide the highest degree of privacy, and to embrace the path of the sun for optimal lighting and spectacular sunsets. Six of MariSol's oceanfront lots feature a bluff top "beach" amidst sand dunes and native plantings. Within the privacy of one's home, 70 to 100 feet above the beach, the setting presents the surreal appearance that one is mere steps from the Pacific Ocean.

These Malibu lots for sale are completely graded flat, with all utilities and permits and ready to commence design and homebuilding. After a lot is purchased, the buyer may choose a team of their own or MariSol's developers can assist in the design and build - see the section on Homebuilding for more information.

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