Marisol Malibu


Malibu luxury real estate is getting some new guests in our MariSol neighborhood as gray whales take their migration path along the coast between Mexico and Alaska. Part of their journey from their Baja breeding area to their hunting grounds in Alaska, gray whales usher their newly swimming baby calves on their first of many trips between the two areas.

What to Look For


Dolphins and sea lions are both likely to accompany their larger ocean companions in the area. While owners of Malibu homesĀ in MariSol are located in prime viewing spots, there are some tips to making viewing these beautiful creatures easier. Water from blow spouts rising from the water is a good indicator of where to look for more whale action. Gray whales have particularly distinct looking plumes as they have two blowholes which each shoot a spray of water and form a heart shape.


Fins and tails pointing up from the water are also a good way to spot whales. Gray whales are known to have smaller fins than Orcas and other types of whales while their tails, called flukes, are distinguished by pointed tips and a notch in the center and can measure around 10 feet wide.


Lastly, when in doubt, watch for other people and boats looking! A sure sign there are whales in the area is when there are others waiting to catch a glimpse.


Where and When to See the Gray Whale Migration


MariSol residents have a short window to see these colossal yet graceful creatures as they tend to head to Alaska between May and June. For some of the best viewing opportunities, they can be seen at Point Dume, which is just minutes from the MariSol Malibu community. However, lucky residents are likely to catch glimpses of them right from their homes as our beautiful estates line this coastal area.