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What and where is MariSol?

MariSol is an 80-acre master planned community of 17 grand properties on a private oceanfront bluff on the rural western shores of Malibu, 2 miles west of Encinal Bluffs.

Is homebuilding at MariSol difficult?

No. Unlike any other Malibu coastal community, MariSol's 1 & 2 acre lots are not subject to most restrictions. If thoughtfully planned, a homeowner can build a home of 20,000 square feet or more on one of the MariSol Malibu estates. Further easing the construction process, all lots are perfectly finished and landscaped. Finally, homebuilding is greatly simplified and expedited by MariSol's Homebuilder Program which, if the lot buyer chooses, then we can assist in architect and consultant selection, budgeting and cost estimates, advising and assisting on building permit approvals - nearly everything to help each owner realize all they envision.

How much frontage do the estate sites have?

The 13 oceanfront estate sites have ocean frontage varying from 130 feet to 210 feet, allowing highly desirable single story estates. The 2-acre sites range from 282 feet to 463 feet of frontage.

Is access to the estate sites easy and safe?

Yes. Access to the sites is not from PCH but from a newly constructed, wide, safe, landscaped parkway (Ellice Street) which services only MariSol's properties.

Do power lines and street lights on neighboring streets affect the views?

No. Ellice Street has no power poles or street lights to interfere with the pristine night sky and utility lines on all the other streets bordering MariSols 80 acres, including PCH, have been undergrounded.

Is there room for adequate parking on site?

Yes. Our finished homes are on lots large enough so that there can be parking on site for more than 10 cars. Further, for entertaining, Ellice Street provides nearly unlimited additional, immediately adjacent parking.

What is the lifestyle like at MariSol?

MariSol offers a community and lifestyle unlike any other in Malibu. Here living is serene and rural, the roads uncongested, the nature abundant, the ocean water pure, the views different and pristine and the geography majestic. MariSol is for those who wish to experience resort style living in a private and native wonderland-watermen, naturalists, vacationers, truth seekers and all the rest of us who wish to wind down from that part of our life which is busier. Visitors have likened MariSol to Punta Mita, Hawaii, Cabo San Lucas - all great resort destinations but so distant. Here owners can experience resort-style living in their back yard, on the great Malibu Riviera. If you wish this lifestyle as your primary or getaway home in Malibu, you can only have it at MariSol. CC&Rs ensure that serenity and the community lifestyle will continue indefinitely.

What is the landscaping theme at MariSol?

MariSol honors the legacy of Frederick Rindge who owned these lands, and all of Rancho Malibu, a century ago. MariSol has been revegetated with this land's indigenous species, with specimen coastal oaks and toyons from similar locales and a great number of compatible ocean friendly and drought tolerant species, all of which have created lush park like grounds surrounding the estate sites. Each of the fully landscaped oceanfront bluff top estate sites is a work of art, meticulously framed by Marisol's signature walls of stone quarried on site, providing extraordinary privacy and natural beauty. A botanical garden and Official Monarch Butterfly Waystation is the centerpiece of these gardens, with trails for viewing for MariSol's homeowners.

Is tidal erosion a concern at MariSol?

No. MariSol's home sites vary in elevation from 70 to 100 feet above sea level and at the base of the coastal bluff on which MariSol is located, unseen from MariSol's homes, is PCH which is maintained by the State. Thus, unlike other oceanfront coastal bluffs, directly impacted by wave action, MariSol's properties are free from the threat of tidal erosion.

Are the water resources at MariSol adequate?

Yes. To insure the adequacy of the water service at MariSol, MariSol's developer acquired the water utility company which services the community and made substantial improvements to that system, increasing significantly its productivity and efficiency. The governmental agencies which review the adequacy of the system and quality of the water consistently certify the system, without exception.

For those who travel by private plane, is there an airport nearby?

Yes. Camarillo's private jet center, featuring one of the best FBOs in North America, SunAirJets, is just 15 minutes away. Van Nuys Airport is 45 minutes away and plays host to Universal Jets.